Last Name First Name Major(s) Graduation Date
Bartra Sarah Health Sciences and Communication Studies May 2017
Ben Nacef Hanan Allied Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy May 2017
Best Olivia Psychology and Philosophy May 2017
Brittain Kristi Chemistry; Nanotechnology May 2017
Broadbent Emily Allied Health Science Pre-PA May 2017
Byers Stephanie Social Work May 2017
Cesco-Cancian Lara Secondary Education Mathematics May 2017
Dobson Amy Speech Pathology & Audiology May 2017
Dressler Stephanie Music (Performance Track) May 2017
Fickel Justin Business Management May 2017
Hoke Clarissa Nursing May 2017
King Ellen Early Childhood and Special Education May 2017
Lewis Morgan Chemistry and Philosophy May 2017
Miller Alexandra ASL/English Interpreting and Languages and Cultures (Spanish Track) May 2017
Mullen Katie Chemistry May 2017
Munyan Morgan ASL/English Interpreting and Languges and Cultures (French Track) May 2017
Ringler Shannon Accounting May 2017
Roessner Natalie Business Management May 2017
Sarkessian Mariam Business Management May 2017
Schueren Grace Speech Pathology & Audiology May 2017
Semon Bryan Physics May 2017
Shriver Hannah Mathematics and Physics May 2017
Simpson Evan Marketing May 2017
Starliper Katie English and Art Studio May 2017
Vajdic Steve Physics and Mathematics May 2017
Wagner Shana Chemistry May 2017